May Coronavirus update

Life has given a few lemons - so I'm making lemonade!

    Like most of my friends and colleagues, I have been feeling sad, frustrated and disappointed over the ongoing tragic events transpiring. But given how severely so many have been suffering, it would be unconscionable to whine about a bunch of cancelled plans to visit and perform for schoolkids this Spring.

    Instead, I'm focusing on the positive: like all of the grand new opportunities that my additional free time is affording me!  I've been at work on many grand plans for the immediate future and beyond.

I've taken advantage of my extra time to advance work

on not one, but TWO new books:

Aaliyah and the Big Horrible Drumpf

my very first PICTURE BOOK adventure!

and the next volume in the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency

Will Allen and the Unconquerable Beast


Those who know me are familiar with my avid enthusiasm for playing ball, and that I have a long history in distance running. With social distancing curbing my on the field activities, I've turned my focus back to training for...wait for it...

another MARATHON! 

Consider me officially in training for the 2021 NYC Marathon!  I'm adding a mileage/speed chart to my calendar: check in from time to time and see how I'm doing!


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