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Winter 2024 Update

It's shaping up to be a grand year ahead!

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Announcement #1

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 I've got brand new in-person adventures
for schools and libraries

including my latest library quest
in keeping with this year's National Library Reading Program theme:

Visit the program site
or email for more information

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Announcement #2

I'm continuing to advance work
on not one, but TWO new books:
Aaliyah and the Big Horrible Drumpf
my very first PICTURE BOOK adventure!

and the next volume in the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency
Will Allen and the Unconquerable Beast

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Announcement #3

Those who know me are familiar with my long history in distance running.  This year, I've returned my focus to training for...wait for it...   Running another MARATHON! 
I am officially in training for the 2024 NYC Marathon! (I've got a long way to go) 
Feel free to check in from time to time and see how I'm doing!


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