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Resources for Helping Kids
Confront Anxiety Issues
and Build Resilience

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

from MHA National: 8 Ways You Can Take Action for Mental Health

  1. Join MHA's advocacy network and support legislative campaigns to protect America's mental health.

  2. Wear lime green, the official color of Mental Health Month, and post online with #MentalHealthAction.

  3. Do some spring cleaning with mental health in mind! Remove objects in your home that might trigger negative thoughts or habits.

  4. Check in on yourself and take a mental health screening at

  5. Download MHA’s mental health month toolkit to learn how surroundings impact mental health and take actions to improve your well-being.

  6. Get outside and participate in the L.L.Bean Feel-Good Challenge.

  7. Attend an upcoming webinar. View MHA's upcoming calendar here.

  8. Stop and smell the roses ... literally! Studies show that being surrounded by nature is a mood booster. While you’re at it, consider adding plants to your space. They will improve air quality and cognitive functioning.

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